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  • Isabella Moretti

    Availability and patience in giving advice during a long and uncertain selection... Ordered and shipped immediately. The products are very beautiful - satisfied!

  • Ettore Santini

    I can highly recommend the shop. Great deal, very helpful. The products are absolutely gorgeous. Really only praise and I wish many satisfied customers like me :-)

  • Elena Romano

    Thank you, the gift was really appreciated! Excellent product as described, fast shipping.

  • Gianni Cavallaro

    I purchased a display piece and was enchanted by its beauty. Communication with the store was impeccable and delivery was quick. I highly recommend to anyone looking for something unique and special.

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  • Characteristics of Moldavite

    Learn all about Moldavite's unique characteristics, from its chemical composition to its hardness and color. Learn more about its geological origins and the fascinating story behind the formation of this rare meteorite gem. Knowing these properties will help you understand the value and rarity of Moldavite.

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  • Our Passion for Moldavite

    Come and experience our deep passion for Moldavite. Discover how we carefully select each stone and collaborate with local artisans to offer you unique and authentic jewelry. Be inspired by our dedication and love for this extraordinary gem.

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  • The importance of the Certificate of Authenticity

    Find out why it is crucial to obtain a certificate of authenticity for your Moldavite. This document not only guarantees the originality and value of your jewel, but also offers peace of mind and security in your purchase. Read more to understand how we verify and certify each piece for you.

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  • Curiosities and Information

    Explore fascinating curiosities and historical information about Moldavite, a stone formed by ancient meteorite impacts. Discover its cosmic origins and its unique physical and spiritual properties. Immerse yourself in the world of Moldavite and be fascinated by its history.

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